Hello World

This domain has been offline for quite a long time now. I’m too lazy to maintain and manage a secure WordPress blog, so I’m going back to the basics with a static site generator. Old links will not work, but you probably figured that out by yourself.

I will try to blog about things that I enjoy. This means:

  • Technology (sw/hw/electronics/android)
  • Food (asian/bbq/burgers/texmex)
  • Music (synths/obscure genres/production)
  • Travelling (usa/eu hopefully asia)

Probably no more posts about wargames or boardgames, at least not about my stuff. I’m currently getting rid of most my properties to prepare for the move. I plan to move with just a laptop, an OP-1, an external audio interface plus clothes and accessories. I will still bring my Teensy and Arduino, though. :)